2013 Spring News Snippets


“Those of you who has followed the TPB case remember that the whole case started with Hollywood getting the White House to threaten Sweden with trade sanctions if they did not stop TPB. During this period the swedish minstry of justice went to the White House and had lots of discussions about TPB. The minsiter of justice, Thomas Bodström, was being investigated for this affair. He put a “top secret” label on 747 documents which we still have not been able to read, about the discussions going back and forth between the US and Sweden. The minstry told the prosecutor in the TPB case what the US had threatened with, and not long after the prosecutor sent out a memo to the minstry saying that TPB did nothing illegal, there was the raid against TPB. The effect was obvious.

What had been decided and said between US and Sweden is still top secret. Except for; you guessed it, Helena Jäderblom. She was working for the ministry of justice during this period – as what’s called “departementsråd”, i.e. the top civil person in the minstry, directly under the minister!”